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It is worth mentioning that Sri Lanka is going to make big improvements in its energy sector. Its focus is primarily focused on renewable energy which is a golden opportunity for India. It is known that Sri Lanka has only 550 megawatts of wind and solar power in the already existing 4,000 MW capacity; But its share of renewable energy is increasing. The project (which has an estimated generation capacity of 5,000 MW), a program made for distribution of 60 MW solar power plants with capacity of 1 MW each, and other solar power plants of 100 MW capacity are included in the country.Mannar wi ..Read More

Published On : 21st May 2017     


Sri Lanka is India's closest marine neighbor and is just 30 nautical miles away from the regional border. India has intimate historical and cultural relations with this island nation. We analyze the areas of cooperation between India and Sri Lanka. You can also learn about major issues between the two countries.

Tamil and Sinhalese are two major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, before Independence, Sinhalese was struggling with Tamils.

Many Tamils learned English, which was necessary for higher education and better employment in the colonia ..Read More

Published On : 13th May 2017