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There are several cost concepts that the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) considers while recommending MSPs of 23 crops.
Cost A2 - These are the costs the farmer actually pays out of his/her pocket for buying various inputs ranging from seeds to fertilisers to pesticides to hired labour to hired machinery or even leased-in land.
Cost A2 +FL - In agriculture, farmers also use a lot of family labour and if their cost is imputed and added to cost A2, that concept is called cost A2+FL.
Cost C2 - the Comprehensive cost (cost C2), it includes imputed ..Read More

Published On : 22nd March 2018     


Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passed a bill to do away with the Anchal Samiti, the intermediate level of the three-tier panchayati raj system, and set up a two-tier system in the state.
This is being done following the 73rd Amendment of the Constitution that enables a state having less than 20 lakh population not to have the intermediate level, and Arunachal has a population of 13.84 lakh.
“There is a need to standardise the use of financial resources due to poor resource base. Moreover, plans and policies got delayed at the Anchal Samiti level.
Planning and execution of schemes would be faster in ..Read More

Published On : 17th March 2018