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On Friday morning by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the cartosat-2 satellite series by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-38) from Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota) along with thirty other co-passenger satellites Has also been launched.

It has four stages of PSLV with strap-on motors. (PSLV XL Extended) was the 17th flight.

This rocket is 320 tonne, in which the solid propellant was used in the first and third phases, while liquid propellants were used in the second and fourth phases.

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Published On : 24th June 2017     


Under the new rules of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the ban on the sale of cantes and cattle is banned. For the protection of the cow, central regulation has been notified in the background of rising awareness of violence against cow traders by Hindu conscious groups. Rule 1960's Animal Act has been notified under the Prevention of Cruelty. The killing of cows has been banned in most parts of the country, except in North-East India and parts of Kerala. The new rules will be implemented in the next three months. The mai ..Read More

Published On : 26th May 2017