Buddhist Philosophy


The vast majority of people suffering from such sorrows, which man have created from his ignorance, misinterpretation or misconceptions, the suffering of those sinners is possible only through his true knowledge, they cannot be removed from anyone's blessing or boon. Knowledge of truth or realism is only knowledge. Therefore, the search for truth is indispensable for grief. The search can only be made of unknown truth. If the truth has become known by any scripture, agum or preacher, then its discovery, not searching. Hence Buddha rejected the truth told by his predecessors or by tradition and searched for him for a fresh start. Buddha himself did not commit anymore and neither his disciples tied him somewhere. He said that even my point is not to say so quietly that the Buddha has said it. Make him doubt too and test him through various examinations. Test them on the criterion of life, match your experiences, if you have the right to know then accept it, and otherwise leave it. This was the reason that his religion was free from the realm of the realms, touched with human sensations and touched the heart directly.

Dharmachakra Enforcement

Lord Buddha was a statue of wisdom and compassion. These two qualities were based on samaras after achieving the height of excellence in them. Not only this, Lord Buddha was also very skillful. Measures skill is a special quality of Buddha i.e. that was very proficient in mobilizing a variety of well-deserved people through various measures. They knew well about which one can be mounted on the road through which solution. As a result, he used to preach the ideas, interests, ideals, temperament, ability and circumstances according to the people. The second feature of Lord Buddha is that he edits the work of his Jagakalayana by preaching the message, not by the power of boon or riddhi, such as many stories about Shiva or Vishnu etc. are prevalent in Puranas. They say that Tathagat is only a sub-disciplinary person, and the work is done only by the seeker himself. He wished for the welfare of those who taught the truth about the religions. Lord Buddha gave eternal teachings to different people in different times and different places. The topics, purposes and characters of each were different. Even so, the final goal of all the teachings was the same, and it was to take the poor people away from suffering to salvation. Moksha or Nirvana is the only their teachings.

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