Diversity of Indian society


Languages - 22 scheduled languages and various small languages and dialects
Religion - 80% Hindus, 14% Muslims, 2% Christians, 2% Sikhs etc.
Race - Aryan, Dravidian, Mongols, Negritts etc.
Culture etc.

Is there a problem in Indian society, is Indian society well and okay? Are we all cultured and developed? Do all sections of people think logically and scientifically? Are we a society of peace and freedom? Are there people who live in poverty, illiteracy, exploitation etc.?
Problems of Indian society
Every society has its own problems, Indian society too is a deep root system of the caste system unique to India, and it still has its impact in the 21st century society and even in the modern vote bank politics. Although there is no high Orthodox society in terms of religion, India is exploited by many anti-Indian elements to spread communalism, multiplicity of religions in India.
Another important aspect of not ignoring is that there are social, economic and political inequalities present in India. The minority of the rich class keeps most of the resources, while a vast majority is living in poverty and hunger. Dalits and tribals are still backward, even after 70 years of independence, they all have not attained equal status with the rest of the society. This is the case with women in India. Normally women do not get equal opportunities as men. If we take cases of children, malnutrition is equal to 40%
The Indian Society, in general, can be called a pacifist society. We are neither conservative nor generous, as a developing nation, we have our own limitations, but only a rational and scientific thinking can bring a positive change in society. Unfortunately, Indian society is home to superstitious and Orthodox traditions, which still exists even after attaining 75% literacy.

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