Opportunity for the India-US relationship


This was also a unique opportunity for the India-US relationship. Because the fact that the summit is happening in India at a time when US has a new president and also at a time when new models of cooperation between US and India are being sought.
There are lot of complementarities and increasing business synergies between US and Indian economy. US, the largest and India is the fastest economy in the present world. Our global trade is also increasing. India’s participation in Trade with US is also on the rise.
This summit provided a platform to exchange ideas and to strengthen our economic and business relationship.
This summit is helpful to revisit the Indo-US relationship which has been in a kind of hold over a period of time.
It was meant to create an enabling ecosystem where entrepreneurs can innovate, forge global partnerships and grow. Altogether this summit is going to represent Indian women in international system of Trade and best practices and for Indians to learn from it.
At the same time, we have lot of things to showcase to the world; our country is improving in many global charts like Ease of doing business and Global Competitiveness index, Global logistics index. Our participation in global partnerships is also increasing. So India’s picture at the global level is looking attractive. Every time, when entrepreneurs are finding their growth partners then India is one of the lucrative partners.

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