Pact on Rohingyas

References: Bangladesh and Myanmar recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the rehabilitation of more than 620,000 Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh in the last few months. In addition to this, the Joint Working Group including the officials of the High Commission (UNHCR) for Bangladesh, Myanmar and United Nations refugees will be set up in three weeks, and will start returning to Myanmar Refugees within two months by 23 January 2018.
What was motivated to flee?
Since August, when Myanmar army had started operations on Rohingya villages in Rakshiti after a series of terrorist attacks on Army camps, the number of houses burnt by the authorities and the alleged atrocities has increased rapidly, United Nations condemned violence in the case of "ethnic cleansing" and "massacre" in the Cox's Market market, and ended it. Put pressure on the leadership of Myanmar.
How did China help?
The talks between Bangladesh and Myanmar are not done by international agencies, but by China. China had announced that it supported the "three steps" solution, in which there is a ceasefire in Rokhin, which is Myanmar's bilateral reversal deal for Rohingya and there is a long-term solution, including economic development of Rohangia regions.

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