Renaissance in Europe


Renaissance in Europe literally means "wake up again". The cultural progress that was made in Europe between the fourteenth and the 16th century is called "Renaissance". As a result, new consciousness came in every area of ​​life. This movement was not limited to the salvation of old knowledge, but in this era, new experiments were made in the fields of art, literature and science. New research took place and new ways of finding knowledge were discovered. It distinguished humanism in place of polytonism and religiousism. Renaissance was the movement by which the West's nation emerged from the middle ages and adopted the ideas and lifestyle of the modern age. Residents of Europe made progress in geographical, business, social and spiritual areas. In this era, people have abandoned medieval monotheism and equipped themselves with new discoveries, latest ideas, and social, cultural and intellectual advancement. Every area has a completely new approach, ideal and hope is communicated. Religion's influence ended on literature, art, philosophy, science, commerce, society and politics. Thus, the Renaissance is the name of the intellectual movement that revived the ancient civilization-culture of Rome and Greece and gave birth to new consciousness.

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