Role of Bismarck in Unification of Germany


Bismarck adopted a new policy for Germany's integration, which is why he is also called man of blood and iron. Bismarck was a supporter of democracy and authoritarian rule. He did not want to impose constitutional restrictions on the monarchy. He hated the ideals of parliament, constitution and democracy. He believed that the King can only build the fate of Germany. He made bitter criticisms of revolutionaries and liberals. Bismarck's purpose was to make the Powers a powerful nation and to do the unification of Germany under his leadership. His second objective was to take out the German federation in Austria, because Austria was the biggest obstacle in the path of integration. At the same time, he wanted Germany to become the dominant power in Europe. He organized the army of the administration and made it a powerful nation of Europe. He tried to weaken Austria through diplomatic means. Bismarck wanted friendship with Russia against Austria.

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