Be Aware with those who is non-serious, confused and distracted candidates

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It is seen that some aspirants who prepare for IAS exam with devoted labor and dedication till success, but Mostly candidate deviated at last time of examination in influenced by others mainly by those peoples who already confused and depressed. In this scenario, the serious candidate can harm their career himself by doing it.
The thing is, please believe in yourself that what you are doing as per your capability is best and do not need to influence others. If you made any mistake that your career could be destroyed. At such condition, the advice which you are taken by other will not be responsible for their word or suggestions.
So, it is needed that please take suggestions from those who is an expert, proficient, concern and also advantageously for you, but think first and know better yourself that what you are going to do such things which would be good for your or not. Others do not know about you and not empowered evaluate your capability and also you should not give them to judge about your career or other activities. If it is happening with you that means you are in under-confidence and here you need to improve it.
"Be Aware with those who is non-serious, confused and distracted candidates"
because you came into competition preparation for success not to make friends and relationship.