Centre bans sale of cows for slaughter


Under the new rules of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the ban on the sale of cantes and cattle is banned. For the protection of the cow, central regulation has been notified in the background of rising awareness of violence against cow traders by Hindu conscious groups. Rule 1960's Animal Act has been notified under the Prevention of Cruelty. The killing of cows has been banned in most parts of the country, except in North-East India and parts of Kerala. The new rules will be implemented in the next three months. The main highlights, cattle business across India is only allowed between agricultural land owners. The cattle can be sold only to a person who keeps the documents that he is a farmer, according to the new rules, the purchased cattle can not be changed again within six months. Animal markets can not be made within 50 km of an international boundary and 25 kilometers from the state border. All animal markets will be required to be approved by the State Government's nominee for the transport of animals outside the country. All animal markets will be run under the chairmanship of a magistrate with the approval of District Animal Market Committee. There will also be two representatives of government approved Animal Welfare Groups in the committee. There are approximately 30 criteria for animal welfare, such as animal welfare, for different veterinary facilities for sick animals and sick animals. The owner of the animal has to bear its cost. In the case of maintenance in a shelter, the owner is unable to pay, the cost will be recovered in the form of arrears. The state government will specify costs on April 1 every year.


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