India got 3rd place at 21st Commonwealth Games

On the last 10th day of the 21st Commonwealth Games in Australia, India finished its glorious campaign with a great deal of 66 medals. This overall, India has been the third best performer in the history of sports. The eyes of millions of Indian sportsmen were on the last day, whether India will be able to leave behind Glasgow's performance in 2014. And the Indian team fully convinced these expectations, leaving Glasgow's 64 medals behind by creating history, but with this Indians would surely have to admit that they left just a few behind Manchester (the year 2002, 69) .
However, in total, India won 66 medals in the competition, including 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals. And this is India's third overall performance in overall history of the game.
Earlier, India had won 101 medals in 2010 and 69 medals in Manchester in 2002. India's last medal at the Gold Coast came in the form of a silver medal in badminton with a defeat in the men's doubles final.

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