India-Sri Lanka historical and cultural relations


Sri Lanka is India's closest marine neighbor and is just 30 nautical miles away from the regional border. India has intimate historical and cultural relations with this island nation. We analyze the areas of cooperation between India and Sri Lanka. You can also learn about major issues between the two countries.

Tamil and Sinhalese are two major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, before Independence, Sinhalese was struggling with Tamils.

Many Tamils learned English, which was necessary for higher education and better employment in the colonial era. And there was relatively better facilities in education and employment in the Tamil-dominated northern province.

After independence, Sinhalese nationalism demanded to curb Tamil presence in education and civil administration. In 1949, Indian Tamil plantations were not deprived of workers, the beginning of a wave of Sinhalese nationalism which was different from the Tamil people in this area.

In the constitution of 1972, constitutional provisions in favor of Sinhalese language and Buddhism, along with their educational policies, many Tamils were assured that they would be treated as a marginal community.

As a result of open discrimination, in 1976, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was formed in 1976 to fight the Tamil rights and the Civil War began in 1983.

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