‘One-Rupee Clinic’ Programme


The Central Railway and 'Magic Heart' jointly started a one-rupee clinic on 11th May 2017 at Ghatkopar Railway Station. Passengers traveling by train can now get their treatment only at a railway station by paying a rupee.

  • It will be inaugurated on 18 more stations in the next month's Central and Harbor Line.
  • Emergency services will be available to patients free of charge here.
  • With one rupee OPD paper, patients can treat MBBS and MD doctors.
  • Medicines will also be provided to the patients at the concessional rate under the one-rupee clinic.
  • Every day, 38 lakh passengers travel on the Central Railway. Through this initiative, the general public can also benefit from the passengers.

Discount in branded medicines-

  • 20-25 percent discount on the Pathological test will be provided.
  • Cardiologists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists will also be present at the Forest Ruppi Clinic.
  • To bring more specialist doctors to the clinic
  • Talking to the government hospitals by a one-rupee clinic management.
  • The OPD facility for patients on the one-rupee clinic will be for 12 hours.
  • One Rupee Clinic OPD will be started at 9 in the morning, which will run till 9 pm.

Lakhs of travelers travel every day from the Central Railway. Many times an accident occurs during the trip and the injured have to move to nearby hospital for treatment. In such a way, the primary treatment of the injured passengers will be done only at the station.

 The medicines that will be given to the patients under the one-rupee clinic will be mostly generic medicines. Discounted on branded medicines will also be provided.

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