Sri Lanka is making a big push into the energy


It is worth mentioning that Sri Lanka is going to make big improvements in its energy sector. Its focus is primarily focused on renewable energy which is a golden opportunity for India. It is known that Sri Lanka has only 550 megawatts of wind and solar power in the already existing 4,000 MW capacity; But its share of renewable energy is increasing. The project (which has an estimated generation capacity of 5,000 MW), a program made for distribution of 60 MW solar power plants with capacity of 1 MW each, and other solar power plants of 100 MW capacity are included in the country.Mannar wind power project to state-owned utility Ceylon Electricity Board (Ceylon Electricity Board) will by out a global tender to build will be in their jurisdiction and power plant, the plant of 100 MW to 375 MW of Sri Lanka is a part of the capacity program, which predicts the production of renewable softgear to its management A central issue will be | India-Sri Lanka has a good influence in the renewable energy sector. Through its Indian subsidiaries, the Spanish wind turbine manufacturer has established a 76 MW wind power plant for the people of Sri Lanka.
Gamesa also completed the construction of 20 MW Solar Plant near Hambantota shortly before. This is the first comprehensive solar power plant in the country. Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon and ReGen Powertech have also sold their equipment for this. Sri Lanka Solar and wind power is suitable for both | The speed of wind for Kalpatiya and Puttalam wind farm located at its western edge is 8 meters per second.Similarly, in Hambantota, one MW solar power generates 2.2 million KW of electricity.

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