Discovery of Ice Age Crater

Discovery of Ice Age Crater

Ice Age Crator discovered beneath Greenland Glacier on Nov, 13, 2018

The scientist have uncovered an asteroid impact crater which is bigger than the area of Paris

What About?

This is the first time that a crater of any size has been discovered under one of the earth’s continued ice sheet, that is Greenland.

  • It was initially found in 2015 but 3 years of time has been spent to verify it by researchers of University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • The Crater measures 31 Km in diameter due to which it placed among the 25 largest impact crater on Earth as the study published in the Journal Science Advances.
  • It was formed due to smash of a kilometer wide iron meteorite into northern Greenland.
  • Generally glacier ice is very efficient erosive agent because it melts on remove early due to sun rays. But the crater is well preserved in Greenland ice-sheet.
  • According to scientist-The formation of Crater formed after ice began to cover Greenland. So it is younger than 3 million years old and possibly as recently as 12000 years ago towards the end of last ice age.
  • The Crater was first discovered in 2015 beneath the Greenland Ice is sheet but it took 3 years to verify as that thus is a crater.
  • It is difficult to confirm the origin of the depression
  • The 20-tonne Iron meteorite site at the geological museum in Copenhagen Denmark.

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