GROWTH-India Telescope

GROWTH-India Telescope


                GROWTH is a 0.7 m India’s Telescope at the Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle, Laddakh, Jammu and Kashmir. The Faculty at Hanle is part of multicountry collaborative initiative known as ‘Global Relay of observatories watching Transient Happen (GROWTH) to observe transient events in the Universe.


                GROWTH is potentially fully robotic and can operate on its own. The telescope is countries first robotic telescope and the first one designed to observe dynamic or transient events in the Universe.

It can move on its focus from one part of the sky to another part in just 10-15 seconds and Camera can view stellar objects that are thousands to millions of light years.

Why in the news:-

  • Recently the telescope has made its first observation which is a follow up study of Nova Explosion.
  • This recurrent of Nova named M31 N-2008 has been observed to several times.

Collaborative Countries:-

  • Universities and Research Institute from the US, The UK, Japan, India, Germany, Taiwan and Israel are part of the initiative.


  • Nova is explosive events involving violent eruption on the surface of white Dwarf stars, leading to temporary increase in brightness of star.
  • Unlike Super Nova the star does not go on to die but returns to its earlier state after the explosion.

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