Indian Ocean Naval symposium

Indian Ocean Naval symposium

The 10th anniversary of IONS (Indian Ocean Noval symposium) is held in Kochi.

The 10th anniversary celebrations draws the map of the Indian ocean and countries located in the li region of Indian ocean Region IOR geopolitically this region is very important

What is IONS:-

IONS is a international maritime security initiative lauched in Feb 2008. It the very first important initiative of the century

It provides a platform for discussing the maritime issues lies in the region of Indian ocean and also to promote  cordial relatic onship among the member countries.

In the present time It has 24 members and 8 observers countries.

It is a initiative that would increase the maritime cooperation among the littoral countries of Indian ocean region (IOR) by providing a platform for discussion about regionally maritime issues and to generate the current flow of information between naval professional.

The group of working groups-formed under the charter of business adopted in 2014 working groups on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)., Information Security and Interoperability (IS&R) and anti-piracy now renamed as maritime security.

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