Soil Health Card

“National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)” will be implemented during 12th Plan with the objectives to make agriculture more productive, sustainable and climate resilient; to conserve natural resources; to adopt comprehensive soil health management practices; to optimize utilization of water resources; etc. “Soil Health Management (SHM – 2015) is one of the most important interventions under NMSA.

It is a scheme first launched in Rajasthan to provide every farmer a Soil Health Card in a Mission mode.
The card will be issued once in every 3 years to a farm so that nutrients deficiency can be regularly detected and improved.

¨SHM aims at promoting Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) through judicious use of chemical fertilisers including

¤Secondary and micro nutrients in conjunction with organic manures and bio-fertilisers for improving soil health and its productivity;

nThe scheme assumes importance as the imbalanced application of fertilisers have caused deficiency of primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), secondary nutrients (such as sulphur), and micro-nutrients (boron, zinc, copper etc.) in most parts of country.

¤Strengthening of soil and fertiliser testing facilities to provide soil test based recommendations to farmers for improving soil fertility;

¤Ensuring quality control requirements of fertilisers, bio-fertilisers and organic fertilisers under Fertiliser Control Order, 1985;

¤Upgradation of skill and knowledge of soil testing laboratory staff, extension staff and farmers through training and demonstrations;

¤Promoting organic farming practices etc.

¨Financing: This scheme is being implemented in collaboration with State Governments with 75:25 fund sharing pattern.

¨The Central Government provides assistance to State Governments for setting up Soil Testing Laboratories for issuing Soil Health Cards to farmers.

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