SUPER EARTH : Bearnard’s star b

SUPER EARTH : Bearnard’s star b

Astronomers have discovered a frozen planet with a mass over 3 times that of the earth.

  • Astronomers have discovered a frozen planet with a mass over 3 times that of the earth.
  • This frozen planet is orbiting the closest solitary star to the SUN a breakthrough that could shine a light on Earth is nearest planetary neighbors. This is potentially a rocky planet and known as Bearnard is star b is a SUPER EARTH and orbits around its host star in 233 days.
  • The Bearnard is star b named after EE Bearnard is a small red dwarf that is older than the Sun and about a sixth its size.
  • It is invisible without a decent telescope the close star was not even discovery until 1916.

ALL about Bearnard’s star:-

  • Bearnard’s star is an infamous object among astronomers and explanet scientist as it was one of the first stars where planet were initially claimed but later proven to be incorrect but hopefully it is now got right-scientist said Guillam anglada escude from Queen Mary’s school of physics and Astronomy.
  • At nearly 6 light years away Bearnard “star is the next closest star to the sun after Alphacentauri triples system.
  • Bearnard star is type of faint, locomass star called a Red Dward. Red Dwarf are considered to be the best places to look for exoplanet candidates. Exo-planet is a planet resides outside of our solar system

Habitable Zone:-

  • The finding published in the Journal Nature shows the planet lies at distant region from the star known as the snow line.
  • This is well beyond the habitable zone in which liquid water and possible life could exist.
  • The surface temperature is estimated to be around-170o However if the planet has substantial atmosphere the temperature could be higher and conditions potentially could be more hospitable.

Position with respect to SUN Distant from the SUN Earth

The SUN Closest Neighbors

  • Bearnard star’s b is the second closest known exoplanet to our sun. The closest lies just over four light year s from the earth that exoplanet proxima b, orbits around the red dwarf proxima Centauri.

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